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90+ TV’s & Free WiFi

It wasn’t always so high tech here! Ricky’s has been around since 1946. Like many a famous establishment, you just need to mention the name. When you tell a sports fan to meet up at “Ricky’s” they know all about it. The insane amount of TV’s, (yes even in the bathroom), the food, the personalities from local media who stop by, the current and former players who drop in. But with all that it is mostly about the people that come to Ricky’s. It is THE place to see YOUR team. When you walk in the door you are family.

No Knuckleheads

The “No Knucklehed Policy” is strictly enforced, making Ricky’s the kind of place you can ALWAYS bring the kids, the wife, the girlfriend. Where else can you see hardcore Broncos fans and Raiders fans together both having a good time on a Sunday afternoon?!

The atmosphere at Ricky’s is always positive and friendly. Kids are welcome, and have a great time there. When George Karl was the Warriors coach, he would hang out at Ricky’s taking notes on the games and bring his kids down with him. Coach Karl would use 2 or three tables as his desk and scout the NBA teams while his kids had a great time. And of course it’s not just kids that have fun. We get all ages and all kinds of people.

The Raiders Connection

Ricky’s is known, worldwide, as a Raiders fan hangout. It’s true! If you are a Raiders fan, you MUST visit Ricky’s. Fans come from all over the country and the world to visit us. We’ve had Raider Nation fans from England and Japan in the house. Hey, even Raiders players stop by. During the dark days of the team not playing in Oakland, the Raiders fans would gather at Ricky’s for every game It is a real family. The media knows to come to Ricky’s. Sometimes they broadcast from Ricky’s or interview patrons on Raiders issues. Check out our Raider Nation page to see what makes our connection with this legendary organization so special.

See any familiar faces? How many Super Bowl Rings are in this picture?

See any familiar faces?

We've Got Your Game!

Ricky’s is THE place to hook up with your fellow fans. Big teams and small teams, all the fans are welcome. We love finding the obscure game for a loyal fan.

College football? Let’s say you’re a big fan of The Ohio State University. On your big game day you can watch your matchup with other Buckeye fans at Ricky’s. Your game will be on. Alumni will be there.

Of course NFL games are really popular. We show every game we can and every fan of every team is welcome. That’s how it works. Add in the food and full bar, all the other games, and you can see why Ricky’s is (and has been) the place to watch your game.

2010 World Cup Soccer: We opened at 4:30am for these really passionate fans.


Ricky’s has always had the Big satellite dishes on the roof, and with the popularity of the smaller dishes, Ricky’s is on top of the latest technology. The reputation of Ricky’s “We’ve Got Your Game” means that NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, UFC, Boxing, Auto Racing fans, and more can all watch their events. It is the number one goal of the staff to make sure YOU get to watch YOUR team or event. Is there something special you need to see? Call and ask, we’ll tell you when it’s on.

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