Yes, Ricky’s is known worldwide as a Raiders fan hangout. It’s true if you are a Raiders fan, you must visit Ricky’s. Fans come from all over the country and the world to visit. We’ve had Raider Nation fans from England and Japan in the house. Hey, even Raiders players stop by. During the dark days of the team not playing in Oakland, the Raiders fans would gather at Ricky’s for every game It is a real family. The media knows to come to Ricky’s. Sometimes they broadcast from Ricky’s or interview patrons on Raiders issues.

There are so many Ricky’s/Raiders stories, ask Ricky for some the next time you stop by. Here is a good one. Back in 1977 The Oakland Raiders had won their first Super Bowl defeating the Minnesota Vikings 32 to 14. This was way before the days of the home VCR, but Ricky’s had professional equipment to tape the game. A few weeks after the game, on a slow weekday afternoon, The Raiders players started to arrive at Ricky’s. Why? They wanted to watch the game! After everyone made it in, Ricky cued up the tape and the Super Bowl champion Oakland Raiders got to live it all over again.